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Imagine easy control of your home theater / media room, iPod, house lighting, security system, climate, motorized shades/drapery, surveillance cameras and your pool/spa with your new home automation system. This “smart home” technology is also referred to as systems integration. It allows access and control of all your home's subsystems with simplicity that can be compared to using a bank's ATM...it is so easy anyone can use it. Intuitive touchscreen icons allow total control of your home with no instruction manual needed! JHX Home Theater is proud to represent Universal Remote Control along with Lutron RF.Eliminate wall clutter and enhance your family's lifestyle and safety with the added convenience that a home control system allows.

Imagine a single button press at night that 1 - turns off the house lights, 2 - arms your security system, 3 - turns off all audio/video systems.

The built-in coordination between a home's subsystems helps you save energy automatically by automatically turning off lights and electronics that are not in use.

A home automation system can be thought of as your own personal concierge... it gives you a convenient and intuitive way to send commands to other popular home systems, such as a Lutron HomeWorks or Vantage lighting system, Lutron Sivoia motorized shade / drapery systems, your iPod or AppleTV, XM or Sirius satellite radio tuner, etc.. Besides the various handheld, desktop, and in-wall touchscreens available from Crestron, AMX and Control 4, you can use your Apple iPod or iPad as a home automation touchscreen to control your home from both inside and while on the road.

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